eCommerce Software

24 / 7 Shopping For Brick & Mortar Stores

In the current market businesses are thriving on the ability to use eCommerce solutions to save their valued customer’s time, effort and money. InfoCentral’s eInfoPOS system enables organisations to process online payments and manage stock levels in ‘real-time’, with updates going directly to BackOffice.


  • A virtual store that clients can access online to order.
  • Any order added via the virtual store will be automatically exported to the Back Office system in real time, as a Sales Order, ready for you to dispatch. The order will flow in the usual manner at Back Office.
  • A ‘Google’ style search facility for product searching.
  • All credit card payments made using the payment gateway via the web will be automatically downloaded to Back Office, creating a Cash Book Receipt that will be pre-allocated to the Sales Order and show a zero outstanding balance.


  • Define product categories, products, order tracking and suggestive selling.
  • Allows unlimited categories, can create specials or feature groups, which will appear first upon entering the shopping cart, and carry special labels and banners.
  • Ability to order or rank items that are displayed.
  • eInfoPOS can be set up using existing customer pricing or you can create a new price list for online shoppers only.
  • Ability to change item prices in minutes; the eInfoPOS system will dynamically identify any price change when a particular customer logs in.
  • Ability to display multiple descriptions and user defined fields on a products page while hiding others.
  • A ‘product zoom’ and alternative views feature allows the customer to review the product more closely.
  • Ability to print and email product fact sheet and wishlists.
  • Pop up product details on thumbnails.


  • Ability to register online; maintain account details; login and view order history, points balances, or just sign up for a subscription.
  • Ability for customers to update their details online.
  • Customers have the ability to print orders online to use as tax invoices.
  • eInfoPOS allows for multiple freight calculations based on the customers courier preference and postal addresses.
  • Displays a ‘was’ and ‘now’ price to highlight discounts.
  • Ability to see recently viewed products and categories.
  • Ability to suggest related items.


  • Ability to configure the look, feel and fields displayed online including; column headings; labels and button text; alternative layouts; and, the number of items displayed per page.
  • Shopping cart displayed as images or list.
  • Options for pop-up logins, cart, wishlist and searches


  • Loyalty program integration.
  • Reward points redemption, promotional tenders and discounts available for use at eInfoPOS.
  • Order confirmations automatically emailed to the client.
  • Automatic scheduled Upload/Download facility, similar to the current POS or this can be forced at anytime for item management.
  • Twitter and Facebook intergration.

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